Chatak Parbat Gaudiya Math


This temple is in the area where Sri Chaitanya mistook the sand dune hills to be Govardhana hill.

Narendra Sarovara


This is a large tank where the boat festival called chandana-yatra is held during which Jagannath goes for a boat ride. Since the Lord is very heavy, the vijaya vigraha known as Govinda rides in the boat. Sri Chaitanya and his devotees took part in this festival. There is a small temple on an island about 30 m into the tank with deties of Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra

Indradyumna Sarovara


It is located behind the Narasimha temple. Lord Chaitanya and His asscoiates performed water sports in this lake.



The sea as a sacred bathing site. The golden beach of Puri is considered as the greatest among the Tirthas (Tirtharaj) mainly due to the fact that the sacred Daru or the log from which the idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra were made came floating in the sea.

Lord Chaitanya also declared that anyone who takes bath in the sea here will develop love of Godhead.



This is also known as Brahmagiri. It is about 25 km from Jagannath puri. There is a temple of Lord Jagannath here, and alarge stone slab marked with the impression of Sri Chaitanya's transcendental body. The stone melted while he lay there in ecstasy. Sri Chaitanya would often come here during the two weeks when Lord Jagannath remains in seclusion before Ratha-Yatra festival.